Step2 Crabbie Sandbox

Step2 Crabbie Sandbox Review

If you have little ones, and love to spend time out in the backyard, or relaxing on the patio, you know that your kids need a fun, safe way to spend their time. The Step2 Crabbie Sandbox is a classic outdoor toy for babies and toddlers. We've always been big fans of the outdoor toys and activity sets that Step2 makes, and the Step2 Crabbie Sandbox is one of our favorites. Kids have been enjoying sand boxes for years, but the design and features of this particular model makes it a big hit with parents and little ones alike.

Fun for Multiple Kids

The Step2 Crabbie Sandbox is designed for multiple kids to have a great time. Of course, you can tell by the name that the Step2 Crabbie Sandbox is shaped like a fun, crab character. And each of the crab's “claws” make for an individual seat for kids to sit and have some sand building fun. Once you fill this sand box up with a few bags of non-toxic play sand, you'll have a great way to keep your little ones busy, while you grill out, or entertain guests at your backyard get togethers. And if your friends bring kids, you can be sure that they'll want to spend a bit of time playing in the Step2 Crabbie Sandbox too.

Filling it up

A sand box is no fun without a little sand, right? As we said earlier, you'll want to use non-toxic play sand to fill up the Step2 Crabbie Sandbox. You can pick bags of that sand up at your local hardware store for a few bucks. Just be sure that you get between 200 and 300 pounds of sand, in order to have enough sand in the crab, for your little ones to have a good time. Once you've put the sand in, it will stay nice and clean, thanks to the shell lid that keeps the sand covered and protected from dirt, grass, water and mud.

Step2 Crabbie Sandbox Features & Product Details

• Shell lid protects sand from dirt, mud, water and bugs.
• Heavy duty plastic material makes this a sand box that will stand the test of time
• Two "claw" seats for multi-child playing.
• Holds up to 300 lbs of non-toxic play sand
• Minimal adult assembly required – you can have it set up and filled with sand in less than 1/2 hour.

Step2 Crabbie Sandbox Sale

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We are out of coupons or could not find any thing on sale today. Check back later.

Customer Reviews for the Step2 Crabbie Sandbox

To help you decide if this is the sand box that you should get for your little ones, we decided to go online to see what real life parents have to say about the Step2 Crabbie Sandbox. With nearly 50 customer reviews published online, the Step2 Crabbie Sandbox has earned a very impressive 4.6 star rating. Many parents commented about how much their children enjoy playing in this sand box, and about how easy it was to get it set up and ready for outdoor use.

When summer rolls around, you have to be prepared to provide lots of safe ways for your little ones to have a great time. In the backyard, there's no better way for kids to have a blast than by getting them the Step2 Crabbie Sandbox.